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All our signs are compliant with the new HSA (Health and Safety Authority) regulations

Signs are divided into Fire Safety - Red Square, Safety  - Green, Prohibition - Red Circle, Mandatory - Blue,Warning  - Yellow, Hazard Signs, General Signs  and Custom Text Signs

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Hi Viz Clothing

Hi Viz Clothing

A compehensive range of High Viz workwear is availablt from TYSAFE. To enquire, please contact us through our website or:

Phone: +353 1 6978468
Email: Enable JavaScript to view email address. 

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Slips, Trips and Falls

Slips Trips and Falls

Approximately 1 in 4 accidents reported to HSA annually are attributable to slips, trips or falls and such hazards can equally affect both employees and non-employees. Employers must ensure that where possible the hazard is eliminated or at a minimum controls to reduce the risk for slips, trips and falls are implemented and maintained. 

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Safety Harnesses

The work at height Regulations apply to all work at height where there is a risk of a fall liable to cause personal injury. They place duties on employers and the self-employed. Some examples of activities covered by the Regulations include: using a kick stool or stepladder in a stock-room or library; order picking using a fork-lift truck with an integrated platform; using a mobile elevating work platform to erect steel work; using trestles and ladders to paint or clean; changing lamps or ceiling tiles in an office; working on the back of a lorry to sheet a load; working on the top of a fuel truck; climbing masts or poles; rigging lighting for a concert or stage production; using harnesses and ropes professionally to instruct in abseiling or rock climbing; working close to an open excavation or cellar trap door; erecting bill posters at a height; erecting or working on a scaffold.

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Safety rig

Safety Rig

The MP1 – Mobile Platform is a new to the market, unique, patented, highly mobile access platform that has been designed & developed to allow safe, reliable, easy & adaptable access for drivers /operators to tankers & trailers of varying heights. Constructed in stainless steel or galvanized carbon steel, the platform is easily maneuvered by a single operator and the 360˚ swivel castors allow the platform to be precisely positioned. Once positioned, the locking brakes provide stability & prevent swivel & roll. The aggressive self draining thread feature on both platform & steps provide a safe all weather access. A unique telescopic handrail ensures the operator is safely enclosed in the work area.

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Water Salts

Pure crystalline granules of salt for use in ion exchange water softening systems in domestic, commercial and industrial applications

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LED Lighting

Industrial LED Lighting

LED Ceiling Lights are designed to replace traditional 2D fittings traditionally used in stairwells, corridors, changing areas and bathrooms. Manufactured with Epistar LEDs the product has a unique heat sink and a range of control options including sensor, dimming, time, lux level and distance to ensure that the product can be adjusted to meet project requirements. This product is also available with a 3-hour emergency back up module.

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Safety Consultancy

At TYSAFE we believe an effective Health & Safety Audit will outline the main areas of non-compliance and will act as an action plan for correction of any current problems within your workplace.

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Safety glasses on a woman

Safety Glasses

Our comprehensive range of safety eyewear caters for all professions and industries.

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Safety eye shower

Safety Showers

When hazardous materials are being handled, used or processed the deployment of safety showers is required often by law. Failing to provide adequate safety equipment can expose any company to litigation so compliance with safety standards and regulations is a necessity for any business that handles such materials. 

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