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JDM s.r.l. settled in Macerata, develops and commercializes a wide range of certi- fied spectacles (PPE) for work and sport. Basing on a pluriannual secto- ral commercial experience in several european markets, we use a young but highly qualified equipe: engineers, marketing and communication experts, as well as a logistic center supported by softwares able to ana- lize the turn-over of all the models exposed in the catalogue. In other words, at the base of our company there is a highly synergistic team, able to develop business opportunities for customers of the different sectors which compose our market: specialized ironmongeries, tool rooms, safe- ty products retailer, going through the sector of street-sports (cycling and motorcycling), hunting and amusement as well (fishing).

The mile-stones, on which our future-oriented company is based, are three: one “VISION”, one “MISSION” and the TARGETS.

Our VISION is that of acquiring a marking leaderhip by proposing a range which is able, on one hand, to allow the retailer to satisfy its market de- mand, and, on the other hand, to allow its customer to identify the ideal spectacle thanks to specially designed didactic exhibitors.

The MISSION is that of using our technical and commercial “Know-how” in order to create a range of spectacles to be proposed in several sectors and for multiples utilizations (work - sport - leisure time) following the market trends which are making the work sphere and the fashion one always closer to each other.

In order to reach these ambitious goals it’s necessary to follow a strategy which explains our targets in several points:

  • The proposition of exclusively industrial models, with a quality/price re- lationship which is able to respond to the mass market demand.
  • The proposition of a “targeted” range of spectacles, supported by a customizable didactic exhibitor and a technical consultance of our com- mercial network.
  • A constant monitoring of market and competition, in order to get new trends, therefore new business opportunities for our customers: a com- mercial policy based on a high product turn-over will indeed allow us to renovate our offer without making our customers warehouses heavier.
  • The capacity to create the customization of the product for the most advanced clients and for those with a significant market potential: choice on models, certifications, colors and application of logos.

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2015 JDM Safety Glasses catalog (pdf 7.4Mb): 2015_jdm_catalogue_english.pdf

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