Low Level Mobile Access Platform For Bulk Chemical Trucks And Trailers

Safety rig

Over the past few years, throughout a range of industries, there has been a legislative and practical push to ensure that companies are continually improving and securing the safe working conditions of their employees. A particular emphasis has been placed on the efficient and safe completion of regular tasks carried out by personnel working in the area of bulk liquid transfer.
Traditionally, access to tankers & trailers requires climbing ladders and walking on slippery surfaces which exposes the operator to hazards such as slips, trips & falls. Working in varied weather conditions also increases the risk to the operator.
The MP1 – Mobile Platform is a new to the market, unique, patented, highly mobile access platform that has been designed & developed to allow safe, reliable, easy & adaptable access for drivers /operators to tankers & trailers of varying heights. Constructed in stainless steel or galvanized carbon steel, the platform is easily maneuvered by a single operator and the 360˚ swivel castors allow the platform to be precisely positioned. Once positioned, the locking brakes provide stability & prevent swivel & roll. The aggressive self draining thread feature on both platform & steps provide a safe all weather access. A unique telescopic handrail ensures the operator is safely enclosed in the work area.

Key Features

  • Designed, developed & manufactured in Ireland by a wholly owned Irish Company with 30 years Industry experience
  • Constructed in a choice of Stainless Steel or Galvanised Carbon Steel
  • Highly mobile, easily manoeuvred by a single operator
  • Self draining platform & steps provide safe access in all weather conditions
  • Fully height adjustable
  • Steps secured to frame to allow safe access to raised level areas Safety gate to allow operator access work area
  • Unique telescopic handrail ensures operator is safely enclosed in work area
  • An Anti-Static dissipation device is fitted as standard
  • Fabricated in a fully coded workshop with ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • CE certified


Full Safety Rig printable brochure: mp1-2.pdf

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